Fingerprint System Article 2

Fingerprint Door Access / Fingerprint Door Access System

Now days it become a must than an important to have a proper door access security system in an office or home.

There are few options of door access system available like keypad system, Proximity card / smart card using door access system & fingerprint system.

While using the keypad or card system, a human can pass the PIN number to others or the card can be lost. So it is more secure to have a fingerprint system rather than traditional keypad or card system.

In usual fingerprint access system packaged with fingerprint reader, Electro Magnetic door lock, emergency break glass, backup battery, exit switch & access management software.

Fingerprint Reader: The fingerprint scanner should be compact and unique in design with high quality optical sensor. The optical sensor should effectively detect fingerprints with scarred cut, swelling and too dry or wet fingers with high speed conversion and classification.

The fingerprint system will be installed outside near to the door.

In usual up to 3 fingers per employee can be registered in the fingerprint machine. The employee can use any one of the finger for verification. It takes about one second to verify the employee finger and a signal send to the door lock to release the door immediately for valid verification. The Date & time has been recorded into the device.

EM Door Lock: This is the Electro Magnetic Door Lock unit will be fitted into the top of the door. This unit supplied by power and will always remain locked. This door lock will get released only upon the valid signal from the fingerprint system.

Backup Battery: The backup battery will continue to supply the power to the biometric door lock system for 4 to 6 hour in the event of power failure.

Emergency Break Glass: In the event of fire or other emergency the employee just need to break the glass then the fingerprint door lock system will be released permanently to evacuate all the employees immediately.

Exit Switch: It will be installed inside to the door. The employee just needs to press the exit switch to release the door lock for exit.

The fingerprint door lock system can be used as a standalone door access or computerized system.

Access Management Software: This software may be installed in to PC and can able to link to the biometric door lock system via network LAN cable or RS 232 cabling.

There are reports available to view who access the door at what time and employees TIME IN & TIME OUT attendance.

Time Zone Setting: This is the setting where we can program which group of employees can access which door and at what time. For an example we can program 24 x 7 access zone & office hour access zone. Different time zone setting can be programmed in the software which can send to the biometric door lock unit.

The information from the fingerprint door access can be linked to the Time Attendance Software & Payroll Software for salary calculation.


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